7 days a week for max 2 persons per trip. $395 including tackle.

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Bonaire’s flats abound with bonefish and other awesome fly fishing targets like; Permit, Jack Crevalle and Barracuda. Nothing beats the thrill of sight fishing for these magnificent fish and Captain Yuri will bring you right to them.

We specialize in fly fishing for these species. The art of the cast and the sheer excitement of the take are mind blowing. A stealthy approach and lining up for the cast it self without spooking the fish ahead of you are not to be under estimated and can just make the difference in catch or getting skunked.

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Fly fishing is catch and release only

We use TFO fly rods and orvis reels, Airflo line and our personal hand tied and proven fly patterns which you have to swear on secrecy not to reveal.
Make sure when you are a starting flyfisherman or woman that you are able to do a single or double haul cast, practice your casting at home. During your charter precious time can be lost on practicing and while fishing we will help you adjust or take out flaws if neccesary.

What do you need?

Nothing really because we supply rods and reels, personal handtied and proven fly patterns and a beverage during the four hour excursion through the breathtaking flats.

You just need to make sure to dress appropriately in sun-protective clothing, polarized sun glasses, a hat and comfortable wading boots.

Of course you can bring your own tackle.

If you are not a fly fisherman we can supply spinning tackle.