Max 6 persons, rates start at US $ 595.

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Get ready to fish

There is no need for travel time to the fishing grounds, you can literally start fishing the minute the boat leaves the dock!
All fishing can be done close to the shore in calm waters ensuring a comfortable day for everyone onboard.
Just a stone throw from shore Wahoo, Mahi Mahi, Tuna, Marlin, Sailfish and many other species guarantee awesome fishing for both beginners and experts.
All types of fishing are possible; trolling, live-baiting, bottomfishing for snappers or jigging.

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Tuna Fishing - Boat Fishing Bonaire
Restaurant It Rains Fishes - Boat Fishing Bonaire

What to do with your catch?

The fish is yours to keep. We will clean and cut it for you so all you need to do is throw on the grill. Alternatively, our partner restaurant It Rains Fishes will gladly prepare your catch for you and your guests. No dishes or preparations after a full day of fishing fun. Our private chef Melvin Leermakers can prepare a delightful dinner in the privacy of your vacation accommodation.

We will gladly make your dinner reservations upon our return at the dock.

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What to expect of one of our fishing trips?

We start the day trolling for pelagics like Wahoo, Mahi, Tuna, blue and white Marlin and sailfish, our crew will change techniques rapidly when opportunity arises or circumstances ask for it. Recognizing opportunity, dedication, experience combined with a little help from the “fish Gods” are the key factors in a successful fishing day and will bring fish in the boat.
Depending on current and wind conditions we also do deep dropping for snapper and other bottom dwellers. Its a workout of its own but very rewarding and catching multiple species in the mix is a day full of action and dinner in the fish box.

All Fishing trips include coffee and pastry, soft drinks, water, a sandwich and a snack.

Beer or alcoholic beverages are not supplied but you are certainly welcome to bring your own.